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BiG BanG—-> l’éMIXion du 03 Décembre 2010 : Bassline & Uk Funky

Mercredi 8 décembre 2010



1///BEN JOEL///like a g6 rmx (f.e.m.)///CDR$$$

2///SUBZERO///dash down rmx (Mr M)///undisputed$$$

3///GS///keep a secret rmx (dna)///cdr$$$
4///TRC///it’s a northern thing rmx (dorzi ft amnesia)///cdr$$$
5///MR VIRGO///told you so rmx (richardi mac)///cdr$$$
6///SUBZERO///smooth criminal rmx (jayel)///cdr$$$
7///NASTEE BOI///the illist///cdr$$$

8///DUB-Z///mistaken ///cdr$$$
9///SJ PROD///how low rmx(ludacris)///cdr$$$
10///SCAIFE FT MG&WIGGSTAR///blueberry///cdr$$$
11///DMB///da beat///cdr$$$
12///LJ SPRY///pussy ya dead 2010///cdr$$$
13///SJ PROD///who the hell r u rmx(madison avenue)///cdr$$$

14///X5 DUBS///wifey 2010///cdr$$$

15///DMB///switch it up 2010 ///cdr$$$

16///MAC REAL///more time///cdr$$$

17///DMB///bad times///cdr$$$

18///MAC REAL///give it to me///cdr$$$


19///DANNY B LINE///rip groove rmx (double 99)///cdr$$$

20///ANDY JAY & S TEE///guessing games rmx(Q ft lady like)///cdr$$$
21///GUY WARD///use somebody rmx (kings of leon)///cdr$$$

22///KATY B FT MISS DYNAMITE///lights on///cdr$$$
23///MAXWELL D FT FERRARE SYMONE & JOOKIE MONDOE///face like yours///cdr$$$
24///RAZZLER MAN///renk dread///cdr$$$
25///GUY WARD///in love with me///cdr$$$
26///STICKY FT MAXWELLD & SWEEP DEM GALLY///girls wanna have fun///