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emission du 23/11/2010

1///dum dum girls///baby don’t go///sub pop records$$$
2///fourth way///the far side of your mind///arf! arf!$$$
3///dum dum girls///oh mein me///sub pop records$$$
4///yuya uchida & the flowers///challenge$$$
5///bobby mc dowell///a thousand vows///complete goldwax singles vol.1$$$
6///oboe///tradin’ stamps ///complete goldwax singles vol.1$$$
7///didier super/// le nouveau président///universal$$$
8///baba zula/// if i love they kill me if i don’t  i’m dead///doublemoon records$$$
9///the lyrics///how a woman does her man///complete goldwax singles vol.1$$$
10///klezmic zirkus///vitamine k///homerecords$$$
11///bettye harris///there’s a break in the road/// sss international$$$
12///max bruch///das lied von der glocke///cpo$$$
13///jet stewart///will i never be free///complete goldwax singles vol.1$$$
14///the spurts///gonna loose my game///bang! records$$$
15///sacco & vanzeti///fallen in love///autoproduit

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