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NO CONTROL 17/11/2010

1///KYLESA///“Spiral Shadow” Tired Climb///(Season Of Mist)$$$

2///PEAWEES///“V/A 50” Running With Bigfoot///(Stardumb Records)$$$

3///KEPI GHOULIE & JERRY HORMONE///“V/A 50” No time No Waste///(Stardumb Records)$$$

4///THE APERS///“Still Cruisin’ After All These Beers” Wait A Little Longer///(Dirty Witch)$$$

5///AFZ///I Wanna Die For You / Would You Kill Fo me?///(Stardumb Records)$$$

6///WALTER SCHREIFELS///“An Open Letter To The Scene” Don’t Gotta Prove It (CIV Cover)///(Academy Fight Song)$$$

7///CIV///“Set Your Goals” Can’t Wait One Minute More (Feat. Lou Koller)///(Atlantic)$$$

8///UNCOMMON MENFROMMARS///“I Hate My Band!” Warm Crew///(Kicking Records)$$$

9///BLACK DIAMONDS HEAVIES///“Split W/ Billy Gaz Station” Light Up The Sky///(Kicking Records)$$$

10///TED LEO///“V/A Germs Of Perfection tribute Bad Religion” Against The Grain/// $$$

11///DEAD TO ME///“African Elephants” X///(Fat Wreck)$$$

12///NONE MORE BLACK///“Icons” Mr. Artistic///(Fat Wreck)$$$

13///COBRA SKULLS///“American Rubicon” Back To The Youth///(Red Scare)$$$

14///SNA-FU///“Tonnerre Binaire” Doria/// $$$

15///HEPCAT///“Push’n Shove” Prison Of Love///(Hellcat Records)$$$

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