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NO CONTROL 08/12/2010

1///BROKEDOWNS///This Cult Is A Bummer///Red Scare$$$
2///BIG BUSINESS///The Drift///Hydra Head$$$
3///OFF!///Upside Down///Vice$$$
4///YOUTH BRIGADE///Men In Blue///BYO$$$
5///US BOMBS///Yanks Rebs///Hellcat$$$
6///SWINGIN’ UTTERS///Young Crumb Follower///Fat Wreck$$$
7///CHUCK RAGAN///Cut’em Down///Side One Dummy$$$
8///HOT WATER MUSIC///Not For Anyone///Epitaph$$$
9///WHISKEY & CO.///Hight Life///No Idea$$$
10///QUEERS///Titfuck///Asian Man$$$
11///DIRTSNAKES///You Better Find Out///Stardumb$$$
12///DAN SARTAIN///Guns V/S Kniffe///Swami$$$
13///GORE GORE GIRLS///You Lied To Me Before///Bloodshot$$$
14///AUTOBUS///Get It For Free///Les Disques De Géraldine$$$
15///TENDINITE///Ready To Go///Les Disques De Géraldine$$$
16///FRANCK TUNER///To Absent Friend///Epitaph$$$
17///DIEGO PALLAVAS///Ton Portable///Kanal Hysterik$$$

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