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2011-07-20 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°48 | no breakfast mix by Martinibomb

01///David Bowie///Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix)$$$
02///Amsterdamn Klezmer Band vs Beatsie Boys ///Triple Son$$$
03///Golden Ft. J5 & Haynes$$$
04///NE7///Magic in my pockets (Amiga) orig by RJ$$$
05///Salvia Divinorum$$$
06///Doctor Stereo///Let’s Begin the show$$$
07///Ray Barretto///El Bantu (Earwig’s Simple Thump Edit)$$$
08///Boogaloo Blues KG///RMX$$$
09///Shoes///Love Happiness$$$
09///Doctor Stereo///back again$$$
10///El Latinazo///(original Soulfood mix)$$$
11///Saffrolla/// Love to hate War feat Blue Rum 13 (Dusty Remix)$$$
12///Brown Sugar///(sweet jazz swing)$$$
13///Run Run Run///(El Velvetico Underoundo)$$$
14///Regulated Apertivo$$$
15///Dirty Dubsters///Don’t Mean A Thing$$$
16///KW Griff /// Foot Stomping$$$
17///El Desastre///(Original de Los Macuanos)$$$
18///Mustbeat Crew///Crown Royal$$$
19///Rubix///That Rhythm$$$
20///Bootlegunmachine///Knight Rider Theme (Cumbia Incredible RMX)$$$

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