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Playlist chaud cacao pour nuit blanches

Mercredi 24 juillet 2013

///ALUNAGEORGE///Just A Touch///$$$

///DISCLOSURE///White Noise feat. AlunaGeorge///$$$

///AIR///Playground love///$$$

///Al GREEN///Let’s stay together///$$$

/// OTIS REDDING///Try A Little Tenderness///$$$


///BOY CRISIS/// Dressed To Digress///$$$

///THE CHILD OF LOVE///Warrior///$$$

///HOLY OTHER///Touch///$$$

///N.E.R.D.///She Wants To Move///$$$


///BARRY WHITE ///Love Serenade///$$$

///OF MONTREAL///St. Exquisite’s Confessions///$$$

///SUN GLITTERS///Tight///$$$

///WISE BLOOD///Loud Mouths///$$$

///MOUNT KIMBIE///Carbonated///$$$

///YOUTH LAGOON///Posters///$$$

///MARVIN GAYE///Sexual Healing///$$$

///FLYING LOTUS///Sex Slave Ship///$$$

///PULP///Sheffield Sex City///$$$

///DONNA SUMMER///Love to Love You Baby///$$$

///OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN///Physical///$$$

///JAI PAUL///Jasmine///$$$

Playlist du 05/05/2013

Vendredi 3 mai 2013

///YOUNG MAGIC///Sparkly///$$$
///WASHED OUT///Feel It Around///$$$
///THE RUSTY BELLS///Stalker Guy///$$$
///KID CUDI///Marijuana///$$$
///DAVID BOWIE///Sound And Vision///$$$
///AKA///Do What You Like///$$$
///HANNI EL KHATIB///You Rascal You///$$$
///BLOCHEAD///The Music Scene///$$$
///COLOUR HAZE///Aquamaria///$$$
///BLUE CHEER///Peace Of Mind///$$$
///FUNKADELIC///Maggot Brain///$$$
///SLEEP DEALER///The Way Home///$$$
///BRETT NETSON///Someone Else///$$$

Playlist du 06/01/2013

Lundi 7 janvier 2013

///DEAD CAN DANSE///Rakim///$$$

///OASIS///To be where there’s life///$$$
///OASIS///Gas panic///$$$
///KASABIAN///Shoot the runner///$$$
///KAMHN///Shiva t.h.c///$$$
///MY SLEEPING KARMA///Brahama///$$$
///MY SLEEPING KARMA///Tamas///$$$
///SLEEP///Holy mountain///$$$
///DOZER///Big sky theory///$$$
///FOO FIGHTERS///White limo live///$$$
///FOO FIGHTERS///The pretenders live///$$$
///KYLESA///Don’t look back///$$$
///DEAD CAN DANCE///How fortunate the man with none///$$$
///THE DOORS///The end///$$$

Franz Robert Wild – Playlist du 7/10/2012

Jeudi 15 novembre 2012

///Franz Robert Wild///Gone, Gone, Gone///Bleu de plume///$$$

///Franz Robert Wild///I really blog you///Bleu de plume///$$$

///Franz Robert Wild///Go get lost///Bleu de plume///$$$

Go-Baby-Go – Playlist du 14/10/2012

Dimanche 14 octobre 2012

///Go-Baby-Go///Texas Cyprine///Auto-production///$$$


///Go-Baby-Go///Dieu est mort///Auto-production///$$$


///Go-Baby-Go///Avec des peut-être///Auto-production///$$$