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2011-06-08 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°46 | buttshakers

Artiste / Groupe Titre Label / Distributeur
01 mvdx intro disques VEGA
02 Nina Simone funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
03 Ziad Rahbani second introduction B.O. Bennesbeh La Bokra Chou
04 Madeline Bell that's what friends are for
05 The Equatics ain't no sunshine
06 Oscar Brown Junior gang band
07 Francis Coppieter cross talk
08 El Michels Affair shimmy shimmy ya
09 Mystikal bouncin' back (bumpin' me against the wall)
10 Jack Trombey rock bed 1
11 Eddie Warner brutus drums
12 Lotek never gonna drink again
13 Frank McDonald power surge
14 Ricky-Tick Big Band easily flammable
15 The Pierre Lavin Pop Band in advance
16 Keith Papworth Orchestra hard hitler
17 Jack Arel de Paris à Liverpool
18 John Williams Neptune's bar
19 Janko Nilovic blows and rhythms
20 Romano Rizzati vocal 700