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2011-07-20 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°48 | no breakfast mix by Martinibomb

Artiste / Groupe Titre Label / Distributeur
01 David Bowie Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix)
02 Amsterdamn Klezmer Band vs Beatsie Boys Triple Son
03 Golden Ft. J5 & Haynes
04 NE7 Magic in my pockets (Amiga) orig by RJ
05 Salvia Divinorum
06 Doctor Stereo Let's Begin the show
07 Ray Barretto El Bantu (Earwig's Simple Thump Edit)
08 Boogaloo Blues KG RMX
09 Shoes Love Happiness
09 Doctor Stereo back again
10 El Latinazo (original Soulfood mix)
11 Saffrolla Love to hate War feat Blue Rum 13 (Dusty Remix)
12 Brown Sugar (sweet jazz swing)
13 Run Run Run (El Velvetico Underoundo)
14 Regulated Apertivo
15 Dirty Dubsters Don't Mean A Thing
16 KW Griff Foot Stomping
17 El Desastre (Original de Los Macuanos)
18 Mustbeat Crew Crown Royal
19 Rubix That Rhythm
20 Bootlegunmachine Knight Rider Theme (Cumbia Incredible RMX)