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MixS TropicauX proposés par les meilleurs DJ de la planète Bass tropicale. Nu Cumbia, Afro electro punk, 70's French carribean music, Moombathon, balkan beats ... Chaque samedi soir de 22h à 01 h du mat une sélection de Mixtapes par DJ No Breakfast et l'émission les bambous poussent partout




Cette émission est produite en partenariat avec Booster FM - Toulouse

Emission : Rebetika: rough blues & hard times from the Greek peninsula 1922-2012....par Rebel Up ! lundi 25 juin à 23h Sur le 89.1

Γεια Σου μάγκες / gia sou manges!* *as rembetikos used to cheer to each other in music as a tsakismata call. This mix has been put together by dj Sebcat for the *Rebetika* concert of Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides on 21-06-12 @ Recyclart, Brussels, to be played as warm up mix. It merges the sound of old rebellious Rebetika blues from tough Greek times between 1920-1960 with sounds of the current crisis; fierce riots, strong protests, spiced tv debates and soundbits of the elections and political developments of the last few days, including speeches by right and left wing parties, victors and non-collaborators. The sound of mixtape is lo-fi, abrasive and at times loud for it merges history with the contemporary; the crisis and mass immigration from Turkey, Asia Minor and exodus of the 1920`s mirrored to the current crisis and economic exodus. The songs used here have not lost their meaning at all.