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2011-11-30 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°54 | my flying carpet

Mardi 29 novembre 2011

DOWNLOAD:MVDX 54 2011-11-30 my flying carpet

playlist de l’émission du 30-11-11
my flying carpet / 60s 70s oriental psychedelic nuggets

01-Zdenek Liska – pearls of the ocean + jingle Xanadu (tchéquoslovaquie)
02-Ennio Morricone – astratto 1 (italie)
03-Ennio Morricone – le fotografie (italie)
04-Angelo Michajilov and The Karel Vlach Orchestra – petramorphosis (tcheéquoslovaquie)
05-Rajesh Roshan – Marjaban Too Kuthe Part 1 (India)
06-Ream Daranoi – fai yen (thailand)
07-Ubon Pattana with Surin Paksiri – Lum Sao Phutai Rum Pan (tailand)
08-Googoosh – sahel va darya (iran)
09-Sohail Rana – alladin (pakistan)
10-The News (E. Rahbani)- from the moon (lebanon)
11-Sroeng Santi – dub fai kui gun (thailand)
12-Illaiyaraaja – Raja Rani Jaakki feat. S.P. Sailaja & Malaysia Vasudevan (india)
13-O.P. Nayyar – one two three baby (india)
14-Amit Kumar & Sulahshana Pandit – Kya Jane Yeh Duniya Kya Jan (india)
15-O.P. Nayyar - sansani khez koi baat (india)
16-Bappi Lahiri – dance music (india)
17-Tandy Love – intro (u.k.)
18-Tandy Love – bear ham (u.k.)
19-Sohail Rana - soul sitar (pakistan)
20-M. Ashraf - too ney kaha (india)
21-Yamasuki – aisere i love you (france / japan)

selection de Dj No Breakfast.

Dj No Breakfast « my flying carpet » (60s70s oriental psychedelic nuggets)

Dimanche 27 novembre 2011

My flying carpet (60s 70s oriental psyche funk nuggets) by Dj No Breakfast on Mixcloud

2011-09-28 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°50 | une rentrée B.O.F.

Vendredi 7 octobre 2011

DOWNLOAD:MVDX 50 2011-09-28 une rentrée B.O.F.

playlist de l’émission du 28-09-11
une rentrée B.O.F.

2011-05-12 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°45 | it aint easy

Jeudi 19 mai 2011

MVDX 45 2011-05-18 it aint easy

playlist de l’émission du 18-05
-11/ it aint easy

Ana Valentino – on a tropical island
Ray Mc Kinley – similau
Ray Corwin – preachin’ talk
The Cookies – in paradise
The Cardinals – choo choo
Big Jay Mc Nelly and Little Sonny Warner – back…shack…track
Betty James – i am a little mixed
Cosmo Muisc by The Carnations – i am a little mixed up
Al Simmons with Slim Green and The Cats from Fresno – old folks boogie
Big Jay Mc Nelly and Little Sonny Warner – psycho serenade
Bo Diddley – pretty things
G. Davy Crockett – look out mable
Big Al Downing – georgia slop
Big Al Downing – i feel good
Cosmo Music by The Carnations – you can’t get kissed (when you twist)
Ann Cole – got my mojo working
Ann Cole – i’ve got a little boy
Barbie Gaye – my boy lollypop
Ann Cole – each day
G. Davy Crockett – did you ever love somebody
Big Maybelle – that’s life
Baby Huey and The Babysitters – messin’ with the kid
Freddie Mitchell – spanish onions
Roy Corwin – preachin’ talk (version 2)

*extraits de dialogues du film de John Huston « Night Of The Iguana » (1964)

selection de disques 45 tours par DJ No Breakfast

2011-05-12 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°44 | funky Dali

Jeudi 19 mai 2011

DOWNLOAD: MVDX 44 2011-05-12 Funky Dali

playlist de l’émission du 04-05
-11/ Funky Dali

2011-03-02 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°41 | instrumental assassination

Jeudi 10 mars 2011



playlist de l’émission du 09-03-11/ instrumental assassination

Selection de Dj No Breakfast

2011-03-02 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°41 | instrumental assassination

Jeudi 10 mars 2011

02///The challengers///out of limits$$$
03///The Hollywood Persuaders///drums a go-go$$$
04///Hal Blaine and The Young Cougars///Hawaii 1963$$$
05///Larry and The Loafers///let’s go to the beach$$$
06///Garry U.S. Bonds/// havin’ so much fun$$$
07///The Originals///the whip$$$
08///Sandy Nelson///chop chop$$$
09///Les Guitares///les martiens arrivent$$$
10///Les pharaons///la marche des martiens$$$
11///The Cousins///the robot$$$
12///Pierre Ralph///gilda and gunshots ///b.o. « jeunes filles impudiques » (1973)$$$
13///Janko Nilovic///the voodoo ju ju drug part 2$$$
14///Manfred Mann///wild thing$$$
15///Les Dum’s/// la danse des grands singes nus///b.o. « les aventures de tarzan, seigneur de la jungle » (197?)$$$
16///Ruffle///go mean$$$
17///Jacques Loussier / Alla Bown set///the killing game/// b.o. « jeux de massacre » (1967)$$$
18///The Freak Scene///subway ride thru innerspace$$$
19///The Reg Guest Syndicate///guys, girls, guns and danger$$$

2011-03-02 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°41 | instrumental assassination

Jeudi 10 mars 2011

2010-10-27 | Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu n°30 | libertinage

Samedi 30 octobre 2010


playlist de l’émission du 27-10-10 / le libertinage

le bal des vierges (INA) + Jiri Malaseck – erotica n°2

Colette Renard – les nuits d’une demoiselle

Moira – Maestro s’il vous plait

Nicoletta – le grand amour

Philippe Nicaud – strip

André – les stances à Sophie

Philippe Nicaud – les amants de ma femme

Plaisirs Des Dieux – la salope

Colette Renard – le moine et la gamine

Philippe Nicaud – la marie des champs (bourrée pop)

Richard De Bordeaux – les magiciennes

Munchi – ruas de Grecia

Ann Margret – the swinger

Alberto Baldan Bembo – ore 10

Alfredo Luna – Claudine 69

Marc Aryan – bête à manger du foin

L. Michelini – il volto nascsosto di luna

Anus – ou es tu mon petit anus?

Mark Sida – Renan suce

Napoleon XIV – they’re coming to take me away ahaha!

EC8OR – Spex is a fat bitch

Doctor Disco – la Madrague

Colette Renard – le troupeau

selection de Dj No Breakfast et Ping Pong Junior